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Grade 6 Science




The outcomes and content of this course will be designed according to the guidelines and objectives published by the Dept. of Education with the aim of achieving the Provincial Outcomes.  These outcomes can be viewed by a link from the class website; the address is


and click on the link Provincial Outcomes.  Various assignments will be posted here throughout the year as well as class announcements and activities that students can do on days when school is cancelled.  Many assignments will be done entirely in-line in the School’s computer lab or, if a student misses time, at home using a personal computer if one is available.



Students are required to have a one inch binder with loose-leaf for your Science note book this year.  This page MUST be the first sheet in your note book.

They are responsible for keeping your notebook in good shape for the whole year: do not destroy the cover, do not draw or write on the cover, etc.

Notebooks are to be divided into the following 5 sections

1.  Notes

2.  Assignments

3.  Handouts

4.  Diagrams

5.  Miscellaneous


Text – Explore


Specific Course Content:


1.     Trees and Forests –Life Science –biodiversity - September, October

2.     The Solar System and Space – Earth and Space Science - November, September, January

3.     Flight – Physical Science – February March,

4.     Earth and Energy – Physical Science – April, May

5.     Electricity – Physical Science

6.     Game – June

7.     I have also applied to The Green Street project to have the grade 6 class participate in a special project on Endangered Species.



1.     Participation – this includes daily assignments, in class activities, discussions, written homework and games.  Evaluation will be in the form of a rubric reflecting the level of participation in each area.

2.     Assignments – all students will be expected to complete the major assignments/projects given each term.  Evaluation will be in the form of a letter and/or number grade.

3.     Quizzes – evaluation will be in the form of a number grade.

4.     Notebooks – evaluation will be in the form of a letter grade

5.     Final Test – As a “final test” students, working in groups, will be required to design and construct a board game based on the year’s work as a way to review concepts and demonstrate concept/subject comprehension; this will be done in June and the final classes of the year will be spent in exploring /playing and peer evaluation of each game.

 Evaluation of this “final test” will be based on the following criteria:

1.     Demonstration of knowledge and mastery of the subject areas covered during the year.

2.     Use of subject content from the entire year.

3.     The quality of the game itself.

4.     The “playability” of the game and how it integrates both enjoy ability and fun.



If at any time, you have any questions, please feel free to contact me by phoning the school at 689-6100 and leave a message; I will return your call as soon as I am able.  Throughout the year, I may send home information sheets on what we are doing in class and if I need to contact you personally, I will telephone you directly.  All homework should be available on the homework hotline.  In addition, class announcements will, from time to time, be posted on the website noted above.