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Les Acadiens-----A Voyage of Discovery




                                                Philip Theriault


Bonjour et bienvenue.


This is the beginning of a voyage which will introduce you the history and people which we know as Les Acadiens......the people of French heritage and background who share a common history and language and who have lived on Canada's East coast for over 250 years.


You will be given a task to do with a specific route to follow and various mini-tasks to do along the way. You will be expected to complete all assignments and follow the directions as given both on-line and by your teacher.




The year is 2055---a very special anniversary for the Acadians. You have been hired by the government of Canada, the Liberal-Democratic-Alliance -Conservatives, or The Big Party for short, to be part of a team doing a census on the Acadians living in Nova Scotia.

A. You and your team are to choose any 10 Acadian families who have settled the province and write a short paragraph on each of them. 

1.To begin, click on the link below, scroll and click on the Acadian Odyssey, click on English and click on Acadian Roots. There you will find a list of 55 Acadian family names; choose any 10, click on the names and read about them. Using a word processing document, write a short paragraph on each of them, telling what you have learned. For each of the families, include a drawing of their family crest which is found at the site for each family.




B. In addition to the census, the Big Party has hired you do an in depth study of culture of   modern day Acadia.

1.Click the link below .You will find an illustration of the Acadian flag. On the top half sheet of bristol board, make a reproduction the Acadian flag. Reread what you find at the link, and on the bottom half of the sheet of Bristol board,  write a short paragraph explaining the origins of the flag and the significance of the symbols such as the three colours and then star.

2. On a separate sheet of Bristol board, draw a map showing major Acadian settlements since 1763; this must be coloured and  labeled.


3.Find out the name of the Acadian national anthem by clicking on the link you will find on the page. Give the name in both Latin and English.



4.Return to The Acadian Odyssey, by clicking on the link below. Again, click on English and scroll to and click on Gallery; scroll down until you find the word Churches and click on it. Read about the Saint Bernard church and the Saint Mary's church and record 5 interesting and unique facts about each.




When you have completed all the assignments, pass in your work.