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As we are all ware, recently, the Space Shuttle recently exploded and crashed to Earth.  We are going to explore this issue a bit.  Follow the following links and answer the questions that are found below.



Stop 1.


1.        Who is the NASA shuttle project manager?

2.      What happened on January 16?

3.      What is the Shuttle covered with?

4.      What happened to the wing on Saturday?

5.      What had NASA said the day before?

6.      What did Richard D. Blomberg used to do for a living?


Stop 2.


1.      What did authorities use on Sunday to search for pieces of the Space Shuttle?

2.    How high was the Shuttle when it exploded?  How many days had it been in orbit?  How many minutes was it from landing?

3.    Where is the debris being shipped?

4.    How many debris sites had been identified?


Stop 3.

1.       How many people were killed?

2.     Who is Bill Readdy?

3.     How long are Space Shuttle flights suspended?

4.     Who was the Israeli astronaut?

5.     Who was the Commander of the mission?  What was his last message?

6.     Why did authorities warn people not to touch any debris?