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Exploring Through Space



We are going to be doing some exploring using the Internet and, hopefully, find out some really interesting things.



Weigh In



The first activity will be to discover how gravity affects how much we weigh.

What is weight??  Scientifically, weight is simply a measure of the gravity exerted on an object – in this case, you!!  For example, the Moon has 1/6 the gravity of Earth, so you would weigh 1/6 on the Moon as you would on earth!!!  Instant Weight Loss!!


Click on the link below and follow the directions; don’t worry, the information here is for your eyes only and doesn’t have to be shared!!  Your task is to find out your weight on each of the nine planets and on the moon


Stop 1


So how did you make out??


For the next stop, you are going to calculate your age, if you were to be living on each of the planets.  First of all what does it mean to say that someone is one year old??  This simply means that a person has been alive  for one revolution of the earth around the sun.  Two years old means a person has been alive for 2 revolutions of the earth around the sun.  It takes the 365 days to revolve around the sun, but what about Jupiter or Saturn??


Click on the stop below and find out how old you would be on each of the nine planets, both in days and in years.  This time, please record your data.


Stop 2



So…any surprises here??


For your next task, you are going to click on the stop below and choose 3 different games to play; the only rule here is that at least one MUST  be a word game; which one is your choice.


So… ready??? Let’s go


Stop 3


Have fun!!!!