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On Line Scavenger Hunt



Click on each of the links for each question.  Read the text and find the answer to each question.  Save your work in a WP document as Scavenger Hunt in your folder.



1.      What are the top 10 weather stories for 2003 in Canada?  Click here.

2.      What happened at 5am on this particular Monday?  Click here.

3.      What is an ‘albedo’?  Click here.

4.      Name 2 countries where you might find orangutans in the wild.  Click here.

5.      What is the fastest mammal on land?  Click here.

6.      How fast can it run in kms?  Click here.

7.      Where is the world’s tallest skyscraper located?  Click here.

8.      What city is known as “the Dinosaur Capitol of the World”?  Click here.

9.      What strange rock formations are found in the Canadian Badlands?  Click here.

10.What is the name given to the largest dinosaur on record?  Click here.

11.What is a “google”?    Click here.

12.What is the world’s smallest country?  (Be sure to NOT choose the first name listed – search for the smallest by size.)  Click here.

13.What is the tallest mountain in Africa?  Click here.

14.What is the tallest mountain in Canada?  Click here.

15.What is the chemical symbol for silver?  Click here.

16.Name the Primary Colours.  Click here.

17.Name the largest freshwater lake and the largest saltwater lake in the world.  Click here.

18.Who was the second person to set foot on the moon?  Click here.

19.Name the 3 main native groups living in Eastern Canada/U.S. when the French arrived.  Click here.

20.What is the Beagle 2?  Click here.