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1.  Write a paragraph describing why plant cells have a much more regular shape than animal cells.





2.  How are vacuoles similar in plant and animal cells? How are they different? 





3.  Explain in a few sentences why plants are called producers.





4.  Use a two-circle Venn diagram to compare the structures of plant and animal cells. Label one circle "Plant Cell" and include within it only structures found in plant cells. Label the other circle "Animal Cell" and include within it only structures found in animal cells. In the region where the circles intersect, include the cell parts common to both plant and animal cells. 





5.  Indicate why the nucleus is the most important organelle within a cell. 





6.  Draw a chart that compares and contrasts cilia and flagella.





7.  Match the cell part on the left with the correct function on the right:


  (a) nucleus                          _____ stores water and nutrients

  (b) cell membrane                _____ protects and supports plant cells

  (c) cytoplasm                       _____ controls the centre of the cell

  (d) vacuole                         _____ controls movement of materials into and out of cells

  (e) cell wall                         _____ allows materials to be transported quickly within a cell