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                        Space a Voyage of Discovery through the Solar System
                                                          Philip Theriault



Space ... the final frontier. This is the voyage of the spaceship HMS NEW ROSS. Its 3 week mission - to explore each planet in the solar system, to seek out new vistas and exotic locales; to boldly go where no class has gone before!!!! The High Council of United Space Command is in the process of planning a retreat for prospective members so that they can get better acquainted with each other in a relaxed and social atmosphere. You are to be given a special task to do; the whole mission may depend on whether or not you are successful in completing the mission.


You are the captain of the spaceship HMS NEW ROSS and Space Command has given you and your crew a new mission: to visit each of the planets in the solar system and compile 5 interesting facts about each one. Based on these visits, you are then to choose the one that you believe to be the most interesting planet on which to hold the retreat and then prepare an in-depth description of this planet for later submission to the High Council . Keep in mind that none of the potential members of Space Command has visited all of the other planets and, therefore, any and all information may be of interest to them. The specific tasks to be completed are outlined below. Space Command itself will be handling such arrangements as artificial atmospheres and environmental controls and mobile Life Support Systems in the accommodation for each person attending the retreat; therefore external conditions may be of interest, but will not be the determining factor in your final decision. Remember that if you run into technical or other problems, please contact the Admiral for assistance. Please read the entire document before beginning the mission.


When you and your crew make your initial trip to each planet, keep a record in the ship's log of any information that you find new, interesting, unusual or that you might like to share with the council. Review your log and use this information to help make the final decision on your choice for the location of the retreat. Earth is to be included in your initial visits in order to provide a comparison with which all people concerned will be familiar, but because of petty planetary political considerations, cannot be considered as a site for the retreat. Resources You are to pilot your spacecraft to the site below and spend some time exploring and learning things that will help you in your final task. Please note: you may download pictures for your future submission or you may copy pictures from the ship's library only if the copyright law allows; if it doesn't, a hand drawn reproduction will be acceptable. Instructions for touring the planets. Click on a link below. Click on LEVEL I-SOLAR SYSTEM and then scroll down the page and click on THE PLANETS. Don't forget to click on the icon in the top left hand corner for a verbal commentary of your voyage. Then, Captain, please visit all planets in any order and complete your mission; again, you may contact the Admiral at any time for guidance and assistance.... remember the High Council is depending on you and your crew.



  1. You may present your initial findings on each planet in one of two ways: 1. Prepare a word processing document of your information for submission to the Council along with a visual image of each planet. Pass it in to the Admiral. 2. Prepare a PowerPoint presentation of your information as part of an oral report. Again, visual images are necessary. Present this oral report to the High Council.
  2. When you have made your final choice, prepare a report on the planet you choose using a word processor. This might include such things as its size, duration of orbit, conditions and other things of interest to you or that you think may be of interest to the High Council. Include a paragraph explaining why this planet was chosen and why you believe it to be a good locale for the retreat. The report on this part of your mission must have a cover. Be sure to include visual images of your choice.                                                                                                                                            As the initial part of your debriefing, complete the following.   Prepare a wordsearch about your voyages to the planets.                                                                                                                                   
Instructions for completing the word search.

Click on the link WORDSEACH below. When you arrive at the site, scroll to the bottom and click on Words, scroll down until you see WORD TURTLE and click on it. Under LEVEL, click on MEDIUM, and under STYLE, click on MAKE PUZZLE TO PRINT ON PAPER and then click on START. Now just type in the title and the 10 words you choose for your wordsearch (watch your spelling!!!) And click MAKE PUZZLE. When you are finished, print a copy



You have made quite a voyage of discovery. As the final part of your debriefing, prepare a document on a word processor explaining what you think you have learned from this exploration and whether you think it will help you in the future. Include any suggestions you might have that you think would improve this mission in the future. You have now completed all the tasks of this mission so you should, at this point, prepare for a return to Base and to shut down your spaceship. Good Luck on your mission, Captain.