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Unit 1
Pure Substances and Mixtures

Major Assignment

1. Design Challenge This is explained on pages 13 and page 62.You are to design and build one of the following:

a.A Water Purification System

b.A Recycling system for Plastic, Glass, Metal, and Paper

c.A Soil and Gravel Mechanical Separator

    Other Assignments

There are various long-term unit assignments which students work on throughout the unit; no time will be given to these in class and students will be expected to work on these weekly.When a particular idea or concept has been discussed in class, students are expected to complete that part of the assignment at that time.

   Things to Note

Occasionally, students will be given daily homework assignments with one or two nights to complete them.If a student does not complete any assignment, points will be deducted from the classmark, and the student will be required to complete the work at noon.