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Computer Assignment


Champlainís 400th Anniversary


Go to the following website


Answer the following questions in complete sentences and save as: Champlains Part m1.Do NOT cut and paste!!


1.       What did the Basque fishermen find?

2.       How much was a beaver robe worth?What would it cost the fisherman?

3.       What did Aymar de Chastes form?

4.       Who was the King of France at this time?

5.       What did he recruit Champlain to do?

6.       When and where was Samuel de Champlain born?Where and when did he die?

7.       As what id he known?

8.       After the death of de Chastes, who did the king choose to lead the expedition?

9.       What was a well known disaster area?

10.  What title did De Monts receive?What did he receive this in exchange for?

11.  How many men did he recruit?How many ships doid he have?

12.  When the the expedition arrive at the mouth of the Saint John River?

13.  What did the commander name the river and the island?

14.  How many of the men had returned to France?

15.  What disease soon made its appearance?Go to the following website and find out the 2 fruits that help cure scurvy; in addition

Click on the word something on this page to find out what vitamin is needed to combat this disease.

16.  Click on the following link and write out the definition and symptoms of the disease scurvy you find there (this is definition #1):