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         G.M.Fs-A Tour of Discovery
                               Philip Theriault


Important Information for Students

We are going to taking a virtual tour via the Internet following a route planned by your teacher with frequent stops along the way.At each stop, you will be working on activities that will result in a final document of to be passed in to the teacher.Please read the entire assignment through at least once to ensure that you understand what is required before you begin; if anything is not clear to you, be sure to ask for further directions and explanations before you begin the activities.


This virtual tour and the document or project you will produce is an opportunity for you to discover information about G.M.Fs.

Don't be worried if you are wondering:

What are G.M.Fs.?

That is the first piece of information you will be discovering and first question you will be answering.

You are to investigate this topic scientifically using the tools we have discussed in class; this will allow you to look at an issue in a scientific manner.


This project is divided into two parts: a fact-finding mission and a short write up where you will be required to further your explorations and reach some conclusions based on your research.

For the first part of this project, you will be visiting a number of places on the net; these will be called Stops and at each stop you will be required to answer a number of questions.  You are to find the answers to these questions at each stop.


Let's try an example; click on the link below and you will visit a site where you can find the answer to the following question.

1. What do the initials G.M.F. mean? (Hint-look for a 3 word term beginning with G, M and F).

Stop 1

Did you find the answer?If so, well done!If not, don't worry; ask you classmates or the teacher for helpits easy!

A few comments about the Project:

1  . All work must be passed into the teacher as a word processing document.

2  .  All questions in Part 1 must be answered in sentences.

3.   You may pass the assignment in on a disk.

4  .  The final assignment, Part 2, where you are to produce a document giving your own conclusions on the subject of G.M.F.s MUST be backed up with scientific research and NOT be just your own opinion.

5.The final product will be marked not only for content, but also for form so pay attention to such things as grammar and spelling.

O.K.Are you ready?Lets start our voyage.

Part 1

We are going to begin by revisiting Stop 1 to help us understand a couple of terms we hear quite often nowadays.At this stop, answer the following questions about these terms

1. What is a gene?

2. What do the initials GRAS mean?

3. What is an allergen?Does this affect you?

4. Phytoremediation is a big word for something quite simple.What does this word mean?

Stop 1


After reaching the next stop, scroll down the page until you reach the section called

What are some of the advantages of GM Foods?


Read this section and answer the following questions


1. What is the present population of the world today?

2. What is it expected to be in 50 years?

3. What are 8 ways GMFs might help with the problem of feeding this population?

Stop 2


Part 2 

As with any issue, there are 2 sides to the story.

For this assignment, return to Stop 2, scroll down the page until you reach the section called:
What are some of the criticisms against GM Foods.


Read this section to get an idea of why some people do not support GMFs.

Use one of the search engines we have used in class to discover more on the issue of GMFs.Write a section giving the conclusions you have reached from your research.Remember to base your conclusions on what you believe to be sound science and not just uninformed opinions of individuals.