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Grade 6 French – 2003-2004





The Acti Vie program will be used as a starting point, but this will be augmented by a large variety of resources, such as authentic documents, IT, and the Internet.  The C.A.R.E philosophy will be emphasized:

C – Cooperation

A – Attitude

R – Respect

E – Effort

Students and parents are encouraged to visit the class website at throughout the year.


Course Topics:

General year long topics:  numbers, the alphabet, the days/months/seasons, colours, specific grammar concepts and pronunciation.


Specific course topics – Semester 1

1.     Return to school  (Notre Ecole) – this will be a review. In addition, we will be beginning a unit on animals..

2.      Buildings (Une Maison pas comme les autres) – Grade 6 -  October/November

3.     Christmas (Noel) – December

4.     Seasons –  January/February

5.     Animals/Weather – Environment et moi/Fetons l’hiver– January/February/March/April

6.     Review and a unit it be decided – May/June

Seasonal Vocabulary

1.      Thanksgiving /October– October

2.     L’Halloween - October

3.     Remembrance Day (Le jour de souvenir) November.

4.     Noel - December

5.     Valentine’s Day (Le jour de Saint-Valentin) -– February

6.      Saint Patrick’s Day (Le jour de Saint-Patrice) March

7.     Easter (Paques)

8.     Review – May June


Second language learning is a long-term process and evaluation will recognize this; therefore, mastery of the language at this level is an unrealistic expectation and evaluation will reflect this.  Students will be evaluated based on participation and effort, not on mastery of any linguistic principle.


1.     Participation – this includes daily assignments, in class activities, discussions, written homework and games.  Evaluation will be in the form of a rubric reflecting the level of participation in each area.

2.     Assignments – all students will be expected to complete the major assignments/projects given each term.  Evaluation will be in the form of a letter and/or number grade.

3.     Quizzes – evaluation will be in the form of a number grade.

Notebooks – evaluation will be in the form of a letter grade


If at any time, you have any questions, please feel free to contact me by phoning the school at 689-6100 and leave a message; I will return your call as soon as I am able.  Throughout the year, I may send home information sheets on what we are doing in class and if I need to contact you personally, I will telephone you directly.  All homework should be available on the homework hotline.  In addition, class announcements will, from time to time, be posted on the website noted above.