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Grade 9 – French




The outcomes and content of this course will be designed according to the guidelines and objectives published by the Dept. of Education with the aim of achieving the Provincial Outcomes.  These outcomes can be viewed by a link from the class website; the address is


and click on the link Provincial Outcomes.  Various assignments will be posted here throughout the year as well as class announcements and activities that students can do on days when school is cancelled.


Textbook – Entre Amis 3


Specific Course Content


1.     Plein d’Allure – clothing vocabulary – September/October

2.     La Pub - advertisements – October/November

3.     Review/Christmas – December

4.     Eureka -  inventions – January/February/March

5.     Ma vie, c’est toute une histoire - the family – March/April/May

6.     Grade 9 will have a weekly Vocabulary wordlist (up to 30 words) with a test given each week.  These lists will be seasonally, thematically based or based on words associated with the units covered in class.

7.     Yearlong topics – review of material from previous years, grammar.

8.     Reading to find specific information from authentic texts.



There will be 3 terms and the mark for each will be calculated as follows:

Vocabulary Tests………….20






Grade 9 will have a final exam; the exam will have an oral and a written component and be worth 20-25% of the years mark.


If at any time, you have any questions, please feel free to contact me by phoning the school at 689-6100 and leave a message; I will return your call as soon as I am able.  Throughout the year, I may send home information sheets on what we are doing in class and if I need to contact you personally, I will telephone you directly.  All homework should be available on the homework hotline, though regular home assignments are seldom given in French as most work is done in the classroom.   In addition, class announcements will, from time to time, be posted on the website noted above.