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Mr Theriault
Grade 8 Science
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       Grade 8 Design Challenge-Unit 1
As explained in class and in your textbooks, you are to construct a model of a plant or animal cell;  the following 3 sites may be usefull to you.
When you are at either site, put your curser over any specic oganelle and it will be identified in the text window.  This will give you an idea of what individual organelles in your construction should look like.
Clicking on the names of the organelles will give you a more detailed description and/or illustration which may also be of use to you while completing your work in Unit 1.

The Plant Cell

The Animal Cell

Cells and Organelles

The link below will take you to a page where you will find activities to help you better understand the concept of Osmosis.  Please read all instructions carefully and completely before beginning any task and make sure you know what to do before starting.


Parts of a microscope

Basic Cell Structure - Definitions

Cell Organelles - Definitions

More Definitions

Animal Cell - definitions

Plant Cell - definitions

The animial cell - a diagram

The plant cell - a diagram

The following acrivities are to help you review the concepts we have been studying in Unit 1.

Unit One Hangman

Cell Organelles - Wordsearches

Cell Organelles - Concentration

Cell Organelles - Matching Activity

Mitochondria - What is it?


Onion Root -An activity about cells