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Les Vetêments

Une Defilé d Mode

Grade 9 - Unité 1



You will be working with a partner and will prepare a scripted section to be held in a class "defilé de mode -  a fashion show.  You are to prepare a costume for one of you to wear - something unusual - consisting of at least 5 different articles of clothing.  You will also prepare a script for the other person to read describing in detail what your partner is wearing.


Simply saying "Elle porte une jupe", for example, is not enough; something like this will be expected: "Voilà Anne.  Elle porte une petite jupe rouge et blue.  La jupe et à carreau et  à coton".

Because this is a small group activity, both participants will be expected to work cooperatively to give a good "performance"; correctly pronouncing the words is essential and points will be deducted for mispronouncing words and if it evident that not enough practice had taken place.


Points to Consider:

1.  Try to be entertaining.

2.  Be creative.

3.  Practice pronunciation.

4.  Be fully prepared on the date you are to present.