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                                        Welcome to NRCS Students!!


You are going to go on a virtual tour of Space Camp which is found in the city of Laval  just across the river from Montreal.Click on the link below to find the answers to the questions.Do all work in a word processing document and save to disk as…Cosmodome+ your names.

Bonne Chance et Bon Voyage.


Stop 1

Click on the link above-Stop 1

Click on Montreal.

Record the date, time, temperature, wind, and humidity.

Record 5 facts about Montreal found on this page.


Stop 2

You have MANY places to visit at this stop.  Be sure to read the directions carefully and return here often to review what you are expected to do.

Click on the link above-Stop 2.

Click on and explore-What’s New in English

Find Space Camp and read the write up (THIS IS ONLY THREE SHORT PAGES- CLICK ON continue TO GO TO THE NEXT PAGE).

Write a paragraph telling what you read. Next, click on Main Page and then on Programs.  From here, visit either the 3 or 5-day program.  Read the information on the one you chose, and write a short paragraph on what the program entails.



          A.  Return to the Main Page, click on Space Camp and from there go to Visit the Shuttle  Simulator.


 1 Which Space Shuttle is represented there?

2.  What does it contain?

3.  What is it the same size as?

4.  What is its main purpose?

5.    How many people make up a team? How many groups are there? What does each do?          
       B.  Return to the Main Page and click on the Space Science Centre.

1.  There are 6 rooms here; what are they?

 2.  Visit each one and tell what each one contains.