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Our Forests:

A Virtual Field Trip 


Philip Theriault

Today, we are going on a very special class trip-a virtual tour to learn about our forests and the forest industry.We will be doing this by visitingthe Weyerhaeuser Company; we will be going on a tour of the company and learning about its relationship to the forests, both in our country and in other places around North America.When we return from our virtual tour, we will be playing a game to help us appreciate the importance of reforestation for wildlife.


Don’t worry if you don’t see any means of transportation to take us on this tour, because this is a very special tour-a virtual tour-and here comes our “bus” now…

… our “bus” is going to be our computer!!!


Remember, this is a virtual tour and we will visiting Weyerhaeuser via the internet.We will be making 5 “stops”; at each one, you will be required to find the answers to a number of questions.You are to present your answers in written form using either pen and paper or the computer.All answers MUST be in complete sentences.


To travel to each destination, simply click on the word STOP; the questions for each section are found under this word.Return to this page to review questions, or to continue on to the next stop.

OK, everyone ready??Fasten your seatbelts, then, and lets get started on our tour.Bon Voyage!


Stop 1

1.       What is Weyerhaeuser’s vision?

2.       Name 6 things they produce.

3.       Name 3 things of which they are the world’s largest producer.

4.       When was the company founded?

5.       How many people work for the company?In what 2 countries do they mainly work?


Stop 2

1.       What do the initials “OSB” represent?

2.       Name 5 uses for OSB.

3.       Where are OSB plants often located?


Stop 3

1.       How many hectares of land does Weyerhaeuser own in Canada?

2.       With what groups does the company often work closely?

3.       What did Weyerhaeuser start in 1995?Why?

4.       What countries are now involved with this organization?


Stop 4


1.       What is the percentage of corrugated boxes recovered for recycling?

2.       How much paper does Weyerhaeuser collect in a year?

3.       Name 5 uses for recycled paper.

4.       What is the WOW program?

5.       What percentage of recycled product is found in the following:

a.   Fine Paper

b.   Newsprint

c.    Containerboard

6. What is the total percentage of recycled content used in its paper product?