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Mr Theriault
Social Studies
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The link below will connect you to a website that has a wealth of information about Canada, the provinces and territories.


To learn more about the history of the Acadians, click on the link below.  When the new page has opened, find the link Acadian History on the menu on the left hand side of the page and click on it.

Acadian History

The following link is your major assignment to be completed on the Acadian unit of studies.  Please read through the complete assignment CAREFULLY before beginning any task.  If you have ANY questions or are unsure about what is expected of you, please ask the teacher to explain before beginning the unit assignment.

French - Acadians

Click on the following link for information on the history of the Mi'kmaq people.


Read about Canada's time zones and how they were developed.

Time Zones

The following link will take you to a page that will help you obtain information that will be usefull when doing your group project on one of the 4 Atlantic Provinces.

Provinces and Territories

The following link provides an excellent slide show of the history of Europeans in Nova Scotia.  It was developed by Mr Landry's grade 6 class, and many thanks are sent out to them for this presentation.  Bravo!!

The European Resettlement of Nova Scotia

Below is a link to on-line  games developed for the New Ross Grade 6 Social Studies program for 2003-2004; these you can play with your partner.  The topic  is Canada and it's provinces.

Word Jumble

Matching Activity



Canada Hangman

Provinces and Capitols

Canada Quiz

Canada Quiz Part 2

One More Quiz - :)

Canada"s Prime Ministers