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Mr Theriault
Social Studies
Southwest Regional School Board Technology Page

This page has activities that are just for fun and may or may not be related to Science or French. Here we can learn many interesting things and have some fun at the same time.

1.  Click on the link below and complete each of the online scavenger hunts about Christmas.

Christmas Scavenger Hunts

2.  Click on the link below and find out how to say "Merry Christmas" for each of the places listed below. Write the name of each country and the expression for Merry Christmas and save it as a wp document in your folder.
1.  Gabon
2.  Burkina Faso
3.  Andorra
4.  Haiti
5.  Cuba
6.  Spain
7.  Algeria
8.  Bahamas
9.  Democratic Republic of Congo
10.  Switzerland
11.  Angola
12.  China
13.  Guadeloupe
14.  Afghanistan
15.  Ireland

Christmas Greetings from Around the World

3.  Click on the link below.  Once the page has opened, click on the following areas:
1.  Carribean and Central America
2.  South America
3.  Africa
4.  Middle East
5.  Est Asia
At each location, click on a country within that geograhic area and read about the Christmas customs of that country.
Write a short report on the customs you have researched and save it as a document in your folder.

Christmas Around the World

April Fool's Day

Easter Bunny Colouring Sheet

Saint Patrick's Day

Canada Day

The following site will be of particular interest to those interested in either History or Music. Take some time to explore this site and the links found here.

History in Song