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French On Line Help and Activities
Mr Theriault
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French Grammar

Louie La Grenouille aime la musique Jazz.
Il joue de la trompette.

For help with French grammar, click on the appropriate link below.

The first two links below will allow you to translate words, phrases, sentences and short paragraphs from one language to another. Please be care ful when doing this, as a word to word translation from one language to another often produces a confusing results.
The third link leads to a very basic bilingual dictionary.

Translate 1

Translate 2

English/French - French/English Dictionary

French to English Picture Dictionary

English to French Picture Dictionary

Conjugation of French Verbs

Some very usefull tools for French students...dictionaries, conjugations and much, much more!!!!

Les verbes

The next 2 sites are to help students add accent marks when writing using a keyboard.

How to Add Accent Marks#1 - Le Notepad.

How to Add accent Marks #2 - Using a Regular Keyboard

The following 3 sites are games to help students learn/review Fremch Adjective Agreement.

French Adjectives - On-line Matching Games

French Adjectives - On-line Wordsearches

French Adjectives - On-line Concentration Games

The Just For Fun Section!!!

Number Review - Matching Games

French Numbers - Concentration Games

French Numbers - Ol-line Wordsearches

French Number - Matching

Months and Days Wordsearches

Months and Days Concentration Games

Months and Days Matching Games