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Mr Theriault

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  Welcome to the new homepage for Mr Theriault's Grade 6 to 9 assignments and resourses for the School Year 2004 - 2005 at New Ross Consolidated School.


All academic classes as well as the Grade 6 homeroom will be following the C.A.R..E. system for classroom behaviour and activities; these are:
1.  C - Cooperation asnd Care - everyone is expected to work in a cooperative manner and to care about each other and the quality of his or her classwork.
2.  A - Attitude - everyone is expected to have a positive attitude towards their fellow class members and contribute to a positive classroom environment.
3.  R - Respect - everyone will be expected to behave in a respectful manner towards other people, towards the school and to respect other people's beliefs, privacy and property.
4.  E - Effort - everyone will be expected to work consistently and contribute to the best of her or his ability.
  If each of us keeps these four letters - C.A.R.E. and what they mean in our minds - everyone should enjoy an enjoyable and productive year for us all.
Please note that there is a link on the lower right corner of this page which will allow you to review the Provincial Outcomes for courses taught in New Ross Consolidated School.  Parents please click on the link below to review general course outlines and marking scheme for this year.


You can access French,Social Studies, Language Arts and Science assignments and resourses by clicking on the approriate link on the navigation bar at the top of the page; at some locations this will be on the side. Please check back on a regular basis as this site is always changing and being updated as the year progresses. Feel free to contact me at the school at 689-6100

Voila Louie LaGrenouille.
Louie aime beaucoup le francais et les sciences.

Assignments will be added as they become available for students to complete. Students with computer access at home can work on assignments in the evening if they miss time or in the event of school cancellation, but most work will be done in class to allow equal access for everyone.  The Science and French pages include information on how students will be evaluated.
For each of these pages, there are numerous activities that are "just for fun" such as on-line crossword puzzles, wordseaches and concentration games.  These can be done at any time by students in any grade and provide a good review.

Here is a site where you can make all sorts of puzzles from things we have covered in class...French vocabulary, and Science terms,  words from Social Studies, characters from stories, or make up some just for fun; your only limit is your imagination!!

Click Here For Puzzles


Any time you need help with grammar, click on the link French On Line Help.

French On Line Help and Activities

Click on the link below to view the Provincial Outcomes for all courses from Primary to Grade Nine.

Provincial Outcomes

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