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Science Resourses and Activities
Mr Theriault

Hurricane Information

The links below will take you to a list of pictures of the damage done by the hurricane.  Click on each one to see the image.

Part B
Next, click on the link below and try to track each of the hurricanes listed.

Hurricane Tracker

Grade 6/7/8 Science

Famous Scientists

Science Battleship

Online Scavenger Hunt

News about Mars

General Science Quiz

Play the Plastics Game!!

Creature Feature

Science - G. M. F's

The following links are Just for Fun and are great to review concepts during cancellation of school!!  These can be done by any grade.

Who Wants to Win a Million Dollars? - The Science Game

On-line Solar System Crossword Puzzle

Planet Crossword Puzzle

Order of Planets Matching Games

Order of Planets Concentration Game

Planet Matching Games

Constellation Game - Space Hopper

Basic Chemistry Vocabulary Game

Element Lab Game

Animal Classification Game

On-line African Savannah Crossword Puzzle

Animal Jig Saw